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Who or what is Albema, what does it do?

Albema offers process-oriented personality- and organisation development. Albema was founded by me, Alfred Rensen, with the goal to support people, companies and organisations clarifying their goals and carrying out their transition processes. I, with the experience of a multifaceted life and 35 years of professional practice as a logistics specialist, entrepreneur and consultant in various countries, understand myself as partner and adviser, who initiates, guides and accompanies this development and transition process. A people-centred and potential oriented approach is important to me in my work. This means that the concentration on possibilities, changes on perspective and focusing on strengths with the aim of a sustainable change is paramount for me and that the person itself is in the centre of attention. My consultation and moderation enables a learning- and developmental-process, which evinces potentials, establishes skills and competences, as well as at the same time delivers specific results.

A map is not the area itself, but it helps finding one’s way there. I set great store by understanding instruments, techniques, tools and trainings as models, which make it possible to put findings into context of real innovation- and problem-solving-processes.

I use the following methods and tool depending on the respective process, person or purpose: HBDI profiles, neutral communication, encouraging training, Schoenaker concept or Serious Gaming:

Hearing in order to see

Neutral communicator as a basis for development

Neutral communicator is a method- and concept-tool, which enables people to interact with each other in such a way that the flow of communication leads to more trust, joy and motivation.

To this effect, it can support both communication in everyday life and constructive conflict-management in personal, professional or organisational scopes.

It is not paramount to make people act in a specific way but to generate an atmosphere of appreciation, which in turn enables strong relationships and cooperative creativity and everyday life, profession and within the organisation.

“The most important thing about communication is hearing what not has been said.”



Analyzing potentials, personal development.

Whole Brain Thinking is establishes internationally as a model for analysis of potentials, personal-, team- and company-development.

  • Reducing turnover, increasing employee retention
  • Easily understandable and rapidly implementable model
  • Permeation of complexity, getting to the point fast
  • Understanding and acknowledging mentalities and attitudes of others better
  • Recognising own potentials and own thinking, increasing personal and team success
  • Overcoming thinking barriers in teams, reducing frictional loss, realising synergy effects

The use of Whole Brain® Thinking is possible and advisable in all business divisions.




No other method integrates knowledge comparably efficient than business games:
A picture is worth a thousand words, a game is worth a thousand pictures
(Richard D. Duke)

  • Intellectual comprehension
  • Emotional understanding and comprehension
  • Starting changes of perspective
  • Sustainable learning

Learn more about Serious Gamingand how your company benefits from it:
You or your company wins agility and stability. A viable and persistentchange culture becomes lasting reality for you or your organisation through process-oriented consultation.A authentic, credible as well as entertaining learning experience takes centre stage.



Courage is good

Evolve your own or your employee’s potential. Play a part as a whole personality, as a whole person with your entire potential, with wit, emotion, intuition and heart. Like this, bridges are being built, trustful relationships and reliable processes arise, communication becomes result- and solution-oriented. Altogether, a culture emerges, which makes it possible to see crisis and failures as a chance and make use of it.

The confrontation with questions like: 

  • Which thinking preferences, paradigms and beliefs define me / our acting?
  • Do my personal values reflect my way of working and living?
  • Which of my potentials and strengths do I use, which do I not use?

Initiate a development process, which makes possibilities, new ways of thinking and options for action visible.


Alfred Rensen

  • You have to life your change
  • Findings stay worthless without implementation
  • The one, who wants to change something, finds his ways. The one, who does not, finds his reasons
  • Fantasy is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited
  • My values Honesty, transparency as well as valuing of the individual. I see my clients on equal footing and respect their individual ideology and their own wisdom. Closeness to nature, humour, straightforwardness and clarity are important to me.

Looking into the past, one doubles the difficulties;
looking into the future, one doubles the possibilities.

Alfred Rensen

Alfred Rensen
Customer’s opinions
I would like to personally thank you for the productive and gainful talks, impulses and approaches. I hope for further contact between us and more personal discussions as well as the possibility to address the approaches communication, information, potentials and corporate development with you.

Alexander T. Boehm
Obermann Group
Executive Board & General Management
It already became apparent early that Mr. Rensen is perfectly networked in politics, economy and society and is able to bring together people from different fields. His extraordinarily faceted life career in different sectors helps him see opinions from perspectives, which enrich discourses.

Dr. Stephan Convent
Rhenus GmbH & Co.KG
The collaboration with Alfred Rensen provided new momentum for a project, which was at a difficult stage. His professional network and his motivating argumentation contributed a lot to the concluding success of the project.

Thomas Guesnet
Project manager, Development centre for
ship technology & transport systems e.V. (DST)

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