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Alfred Rensen


Potential analysis & personality development

In order to maximise the success of a company and their employees at the same time, it is important to recognize the strengths and potentials of employees. These will be promoted within the process.

As an instrument to achieve this, the HBDI® Thinking Style Assessment is used. This method is based on the Whole Brain® Thinking Concept which determines thinking style preferences of people.

Results of an HBDI® thinking style assessment

  • Minimising fluctuations, increasing staff retention
  • Understanding and acknowleding mindsests and attitudes
  • Realising own potentials and thinking styles
  • Increasing the success of yourself and the team
  • Overcoming thinking style barriers in teams Reducing disputes and realising synergistic effects

The Whole Brain® Thinking Concept is a globally established model for the analysis of potentials and the development of personalities, teams and companies.

Building on this, the HBDI® thinking style assessment can be used reasonably in any business division, both for individuals and teams.


Even out of the business context, the HBDI® Thinking Style Assessment can be applied successfully for individuals. This includes …

  • Determining your own strengths
  • Developing your own personality
  • Finding your own goals in the job


... to improve the style and strategy of learning.

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