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Which services are offered by Albema?

Albema was founded by me, Alfred Rensen, with the aim of supporting people, companies and organisations. This includes clarifying personal and entrepreneurial goals, organising work and development processes up to the realization of specific goals as well as overcoming obstacles and conflicts along the way.

Albema offers consultancy and moderation services in the context of personal and organisational development. People are always paramount along the way. During the consulting process, potentials will be pointed out. Furthermore, specific learning and changing processes targeting the creation and strengthening of skills and competencies will be initiated.

Which methods will be used?

Depending on the results of the first contact meetings, which focus on:

  • Specifying concerns and targets
  • Introducing involved persons
  • Agreeing on the procedure of the consulting and/or training process

I use, among other things, these methods and instruments:

  • Human Connector
  • HBDI® Analyse
  • Emotionscode
  • Encouraging-Training


Human Connector

I have been working in logistics within the EU for 40 years. Long-term employee relationships in the Netherlands, France and Germany are the base for my mostly international projects today. Since Albema was founded, I have been bringing contacts together , which, with my help, created valuable synergies. Building bridges within Europe I can use my knowledge of German, English, Dutch or French languages and it was a great help in many International Projects such as tRHEINco or Strasus. I look forward for helping you and build bridges together in Western Europe and the world! Use this 40 years of European logistics experience!

Potential analysis & personality development

In order to maximise the success of a company and their employees at the same time, it is important to recognize the strengths and potentials of employees. These will be promoted within the process. As an instrument to achieve this, the HBDI® Thinking Style Assessment is used. This method is based on the Whole Brain® Thinking Concept which determines thinking style preferences of people. Results of an HBDI® thinking style assessment
  • Minimising fluctuations, increasing staff retention
  • Understanding and acknowleding mindsests and attitudes
  • Realising own potentials and thinking styles
  • Increasing the success of yourself and the team
  • Overcoming thinking style barriers in teams
  • Reducing disputes and realising synergistic effects
The Whole Brain® Thinking Concept is a globally established model for the analysis of potentials and the development of personalities, teams and companies. Building on this, the HBDI® thinking style assessment can be used reasonably in any business division, both for individuals and teams. Even out of the business context, the HBDI® Thinking Style Assessment can be applied successfully for individuals. This includes …
  • Determining your own strengths
  • Developing your own personality
  • Finding your own goals in the job
  • Enhancing learning beahior and strategy

Emotionscode - Finding and resolving emotional baggage

During difficult and challenging situations in life, many people suppress their feelings and emotions instead of embracing and working through them, so they can move on afterwards. Situations like these can be
  • Relationship problems
  • Loss of a beloved person either by separation, divorce or death
  • Financial troubles
  • Physical, verbal or mental traumas
  • Feeling neglected, left or refused
While this strategy of suppressing can be useful in the short-term to handle everyday live, it eventually leads to an accumulation of emotional baggage in the long-term. This causes an ever-increasing emotional disbalance. This imbalance can lead to various physical and mental symptoms:
  • Discomfort
  • Overwhelming emotional outbursts or overreactions
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Being stuck in reaction pattern acquired over decades
  • Weak immune system
  • States of exhaustion
  • Intense pain
  • Various illnesses
The emotion code includes methods and therapeutical approaches in order to find and resolve emotional blockages. As a result, emotional balance is restored.

Encouraging-Training - Courage is good for you!

For many people, confidence, security and satisfaction are important success factors both in private and professional life. But these factors are not guaranteed by themselves. Especially in critical times or situations, they are forgotten quickly. Encouraging Training focuses on identifying and encouraging personal strengths and qualities with the aim of improving the way you handle yourself and interact with others in a friendly, esteeming and optimistic way. A decisive change of perspectives is realized by focusing on strengths instead of flaws in yourself and other people. An individual Encouraging Training can be useful for several circumstances:
  • You are feeling unhappy or overstrained in your job
  • You are having problems in your relationship or within your family
  • You are unhappy with yourself
  • You lost track of your own objectives and values
Encouraging Training can be useful not only as an acute intervention but also as a preventive measure. Depending on the individual issues the training is based on, various objectives can be targetted:
  • Establishing a way of handling yourself and interacting with others
  • Security and composure in everyday life and during work
  • Realising your own strengths and using them confidently
  • Getting better at interacting and resolving conflicts with partners, children, friends and colleagues
  • Setting and reaching personal development targets
Within the realms of the Encouraging Training, the practically proven Schoenaker Concept® is used.

About me - Alfred Rensen

Based on the experiences of a multifaceted life as well as 35 years of professional practice in several countries as a logistician, entrepreneur and consultant, I see myself as a partner and advisor who initiates, moderates and provides support for development and change processes. I put a lot of emphasis on a people-centered and potential-oriented approach. I always approach my customers as equals and respect their personal views and opinions as well their own wisdom. Closeness to nature, humor, directness and clarity are important to me. Some of my principles:
  • You have to live your change
  • Without implementation, recognition is worthless
  • If you want to change something, you will find ways to do it If you are not willing, you will find reasons not to do it
  • Phantasy is more important than knowledge — Knowledge is limited

My values:

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • luing individuals
Looking back means doubling difficulties; looking ahead means doubling opportunities.
Alfred Rensen


Customer opinions about HBDI® Analysis

I am very grateful for all the fruitful and enriching talks, suggestions and approaches. I deeply hope we stay in contact and there will be another one-on-one conversation as well as the opportunity to tackle the topics: communication, information, potentials and company development with you.

Alexander T. Boehm
Management Schmitt Gruppe

I, too, was happy about our conversations. It was a highlight of the past week, because you are always positive and optimistic, however you are not lacking a certain level of consequence. As said, it would be great if we could incorporate this new style with your help.

Maik Waßmann-Große
Logistics & Key Account Management

Dear Alfred, one hour ago I got home safely! It was a very intense but helpful weekend for me! Thank you for helping me to help myself!

Martin Unrein

“To stay or to go? What to do?” So many questions, so many feelings. They were threatening to tear me apart. It felt so good to talk about them, being asked the right questions. Comprehensive, from different points of view. During the time of my separation Alfred was there for me as well, gave me counsel, moderating, fair and competent. Not only because of that I appreciate Alfred and am much obliged. Because it is good, the way it is now. Good for everybody involved, that is my conviction.

Martin Kemper

There is one very important point for me. That is why I write you again: I believe that what you are doing for the company Obermann is on point. Since you are here, I see that something is happening… and, in my opinion, it is changing in the right direction. You are a great person!

M. Klas
Head of Human Resources

Customer opinions about Human Connector services

Early on it showed that Mr Rensen is well interlinked in politics, economics and society and knows how to bring people from different fields together. His exceptionally multifaceted CV including most diverse industry sectors helps him to see positions from different angles. This enriches a discourse significantly.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Convent
Dean of studies Business Economics & Security Management

Through a project initiated by the province of Gelderland, I came into contact with Albema. Their vision on the logistics sector really appealed to me and this led to a renewed collaboration within another logistics project. This project required support from both the Dutch and German (regional) governments. With their extensive network (skills), Albema has opened many political doors for us in a short period of time. Their years of (logistical) experience and persuasiveness have even brought the project to the attention of the highest regional and national ministries in Germany. Albema is therefore very good at making interpersonal connections and bringing people together.

Fedor Engbers
Intersnack Nederland B.V.

The cooperation with Alfred Rensen provided new momentum to a project that was struggling at that time. His professional network and his motivating argumentation were an important factor for the success of the project.

Thomas Guesnet
Project manager at
Schiffstechnik & Transportsysteme e.V. (DST)

During the last three years HBCB was involved in the execution of the Euregio project tRHEINco. The aim of tRHEINco was to establish a modal shift from transport via road to water for continental cargo. Transport via water has already established a strong market position for maritime cargo but the transport of continental cargo happens almost entirely via road. Transport via water is more environmental friendly as transport via roads, so a lot can be gained in this respect by a modal shift from road to water. HBCB was in charge of the work to detect possibilities for this modal shift and organize a pilot to show that transport of continental cargo via water is viable. The aspects require a thorough insight in the market of continental cargo and the required transports. To proceed in this HBCB contacted Mr Alfred Rensen of Albema. Albema accepted a commission to help tRHEINco in this respect. It proved to be that Mr Alfred Rensen has a long standing know how and experience in shippers and transport of continental cargo across Europe. He has an extensive network therein and this resulted in the facts that he not only found a relevant company (Aviko at Steenderen) to cooperate but also made it possible that a pilot was actually organized to demonstrate that this transport via water is feasible. Without the assistance of Mr Alfred Rensen and his hands on know how of shippers, transport of continental cargo and possibilities for modal shift it would have been very difficult to succeed in this.

Henk Blaauw MSc.